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This is the Beta for our upcoming game Ourea

Ourea is an impactful Adventure Puzzle game, with a focus on Cinematography. Play as the last of the Oreads and unravel the mysterious history of your people, as you traverse a story-rich environment.

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Website: https://oureagame.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OureaGame

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/oureagame/

Feedback: https://forms.gle/mNMwhLhCW5DxPbQA8


Ourea - Public Beta.zip 298 MB


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yooooooooooooo this looks sick!


I just played the beta version and I like it so far. I wish it was longer, so it's agood sign! This is the kind of ambitious game that I don't often see on the feedback forum... I'm going to be mostly negative from this point because it's easier and I think it's what helps most, but all in all you did a good job :) (I also prefer to write here than fill out a form because, from experience, forms never ask about what I actually want to say.)

  • In the "Controls" menu, holding down the left mouse button on the "change input" switch toggles it every frame, so it's very hard to use.
  • I find some of the vector art(gamepad, game logo and keyboard keys) to look low quality compared to the rest of the game. The flat colors + hard black outline look really clashes with the art style.
  • The fire noises in the cave got annoying fast. I wish they were more subdued.
  • I generally don't like when a game takes controls away to slowly show me something. It's kind of frustrating. This game does it at the start to show the mountain and I didn't like it. What I found strange is that, right after, it pans up again to show it a second time. This time though, it doesn't take controls away!
  • My fps visibly dropped in the misty section.
  • I found the audio transition between the outside and the cave to be a bit abrupt. Some ambient sound just start instantly.
  • There's no sound for that HUGE rock falling from the ceiling to block the way out of the cave?
  • I didn't get stuck for too long, but it took me a little while to find that I could interact with the cave rock with a symbol on it. From the start of the game to this point, there's a few rocks with similar symbols and I couldn't interact with any of them; I didn't think the one in the cave would be different.
  • Pressing E to push is a bit awkward, especially when you're trying to walk with D at the same time. (I know playing with a gamepad is recommended, but if m+kb is supported might as well do it right.)
  • I personally didn't get the story from the beta. Maybe it's supposed to be unclear(?)
  • I didn't find any "Close" option on the end screen. Do I really have to Alt+F4?
  • I think music is a big part of creating a cinematic experience, and it really felt missing from the game.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! We really appreciate that you took the time to help us out :) To address a few of your points:

We will be working on mouse and keyboard support as we approach release so we can have feel as nice as possible. 

Music is currently being composed for the entire game, unfortunately we didn't have it in time for the Beta

The menu art is not final and will be working on that in the coming weeks also

We will definitely be tweaking the audio in the cave, especially if its annoying!

Thanks again for playtesting, this feedback will help us alot :)